Smart PoS, an innovative Point of Sale software
April 27, 2021

Miguel Gonzalez, the Global CTO of Carrefour, introduces in a series of 3 videos, examples of Carrefour’s tech acceleration. The 1st one is about “Smart PoS“, an innovative omnichannel solution that aims to simplify the cashiering ecosystem with a 100% Carrefour checkout software.

  • This prototype provides Carrefour store employees with an ergonomic and easy to use journey: the system is capable of identifying the customer, even without his or her loyalty card. It displays pictures of all our products in real time and it helps cashiers to modify quantities or prices very fast.
  • It greatly improves customer experience, with live display of promotions, on-the-fly loyalty credits and e-ticket.
  • It is perfectly connected with e-commerce, enabling more fluid online / offline journeys.
  • It is highly efficient, running partly on the cloud and leveraging open source.

Stay tuned for the next steps, including equipping our ~67k cash registers in the world!

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Carrefour Global CTO Miguel's obsession is to put tech at the service of customers. He is an international entrepreneur with a genuine passion for hardcore tech!

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