Mathilde Jaquet & Boris Toledano
Product Owner and User Experience Design Lead Mathilde Jaquet has a key role to ensure a great user experience while remaining aligned with Flash’ business strategy and vision. She ensures the link between software development and product delivery, and supports the team in everything related to visual design like identity, mock-ups and prototyping. Mathilde was born and raised in Italy, she's a history & traditions enthusiast, but she's also passionate about creativity, innovation and everything new shaping the future.   Delivery Lead Innovation Carrefour Group Boris Toledano is in charge of the delivery of the project. Among other topics, the alignment of the multiple stakeholders (both internal and external), ensuring the performance of the system was up to date and ready to welcome clients. Boris likes to party with his friends and he is always late. He sincerely hopes that services such as Carrefour Flash will help him reduce the time spent at the convenience store before going out!

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