Hélène Labaume & Alaa El Helw

Innovation & VC Funds Director

As the director of the Innovation and Venture Capital Funds Group, Hélène's day-to-day involves shaping Carrefour's future. This includes leading innovative projects, investing in startups, and identifying emerging trends within the startup ecosystem. She works closely and cross-functionally with all business teams involved in the Group's digital transformation. Before Carrefour, Hélène worked in specialized retail, starting her career as an M&A lawyer. Finding the perfect coffee ice cream would be a lifetime achievement for her!

VP engineering data apps & innovation

As a lead architect at Carrefour since 2016, Alaa specializes in data-driven projects and Generative Artificial Intelligence. With over 7 years of experience, he has led innovative initiatives within the Carrefour data platform and the Innovation department, showcasing the value of these systems for customers, associates, and partners. Played a key role in recruiting and managing developers for multiple projects, contributing significantly to Carrefour's digital transformation. Outside of work, you'll often find him either savoring pizza or building Legos!

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